Understanding Senior Real Estate Specialists

Understanding Senior Real Estate Specialists

Understanding Senior Real Estate Specialists

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES)?

A Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is a licensed realtor that is trained to meet the needs of aging adults when selling, buying, relocating or moving into a senior living community. These realtors have additional resources within their network to specifically meet the needs and challenges of individuals over 50 who may be downsizing or relocating from their long-time family home. 

Why Choose an SRES?

Although many realtors may be suitable to assist in a real estate transaction, there are some reasons to consider an SRES;

  • They are able to connect you with their network of senior focused resources including movers, estate planners, attorneys, home inspectors and senior care housing and services
  • They can create a customized plan to market and sell your property, keeping in mind your future needs
  • They have specialized knowledge regarding reverse mortgages, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs to aid in the real estate transaction
  • They have an understanding of the emotional and financial challenges that can accompany this type of major life change
  • They understand the state and federal laws in regards to senior housing and how Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security can impact housing decisions. 

The decision to sell your home for downsizing or relocating to a senior care community can be a difficult one. Partnering with a qualified SRES can be a good step in easing the stress and challenges during this time.