Understanding Residential Assisted Living

Understanding Residential Assisted Living
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Understanding Residential Assisted Living

What is Residential Assisted Living?

Residential Assisted Living is a senior housing option that offers a smaller, home-like setting with care options and resident oversight. Residential Assisted living typically refers to settings that house 2-15 residents. Typically, each resident will have an individual plan of care to meet them where they are, with staff who assist regularly and continuously monitor for changes and safety concerns.

Although each community is unique, services within Residential Assisted Living often include the following;

  • Assistance with personal care including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting

  • Mobility Assistance

  • Medication Management and Oversight

  • Meals

  • Activity Programming

  • Safety Checks

  • Pharmacy Assistance

  • Housekeeping

  • Maintenance

  • Laundry

What is the difference between Residential Assisted Living and Assisted Living?

There are four main differences that make Residential Assisted Living different. They are;

  1. Size- Assisted Living communities are typically larger community settings with anywhere from 40-200 residents whereas Residential Assisted Living is typically in a home setting with an average of 2-15 residents.

  2. Cost- Residential Assisted Living is on average 25-50% cheaper than most assisted living options.

  3. Amenities- Because Residential Assisted Living in within a home setting, it may not have all of the amenities available in an assisted living such as a fitness center, theater, salon, etc.
  4. Staffing- Because of the smaller number of residents, Residential Assisted Living can often have lower staffing ratios than larger communities, allowing for more individualized attention for your loved one. A larger Community setting will typically have staffing ratios between 1:10 and 1:15, whereas a Residential setting may be between 1:5 and 1:10.

If you feel your loved one may benefit from Assisted Living services but would prefer a smaller setting, have a budget that requires a lower monthly rent or have higher care needs, Residential Assisted Living may be a great option for you.