Mom Took A Fall... Now What?

Mom Took A Fall... Now What?
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Mom Took A Fall... Now What?

She’s in the hospital now & can’t go home – what do we do?

Consulting with both the social worker, discharge planner, or a Senior.One Care Advisor about what the rehabilitation process will look like to determine the best next steps.

Rehab? What about after that? She’ll still need help

Rehab consists of therapies, oversight, personalized plans and progress goals. After rehab, the options for support within the home will vary. If companionship, meal prep, and oversight are needed, a non-medical, personal service agency may be a great option to consider. If continued nursing or healthcare support and care is required, a home health agency will be able to continue within the home. Rehabilitation can also continue in the form of fitness classes, therapies provided, and socialization.

How much help will she need? (stairs, meal prep, bathing, dressing, bathroom, etc)

This will be determined by the progress made within rehab. Most often individuals experience more fear than anything, once falling within their home. Worried and scared that it will happen again, so the desire to be mobile can start to diminish. It is important to continue an active but safe lifestyle to be sure muscle and balance are maintained.

How much help can family realistically provide? What’s not realistic?

It will truly depend on the location of family members, responsibilities, and time commitments to those, and how well everyone is willing to work together.

It is not realistic to expect one family member to do all of the heavy lifting, and resentment can often build within that individual. Offering support in the way you feel most aligned, is where you fit into the puzzle.

Expectations on local family vs. those who live far away

Meeting as a whole family dynamic (even virtually) is a great way to work together to decide and determine who is best in which roles, not everyone wants to manage finances, but they may love making meals for the week. Finding everyone a role that feels fulfilling and is helpful, will set the process and experience up to go smoothly.

How do we pay for care?

There are different payment methods and options for different types of care. It’s important to learn about what your Medicare benefits cover and how long that will pay for rehabilitation post-fall. If you have or know of a Long Term Care Insurance policy, that is a method becoming more common as the policies have adapted to the new Senior Care solutions in the market.  If you or your loved one qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit, that is an often-overlooked benefit available. Private pay along with Medicaid are both options as well.